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Unique RV Digest-It Benefits by Cathy


Unique RV Digest-It Customer Benefits

Unique RV Digest-It Customer benefits include the fact that it is an All Natural product. The Baccilus Bacteria are designed to eat and digest the organic solids in your holding tank.  The bacteria in RV Digest-It has multiple enzymes to jump start the bacterial action. The bacteria start growing when they are exposed to air, food and water.

A bacteria/enzyme product which works the way nature does. The bacteria eat and digest the solids in holding tanks and turn them into liquid and air.

About every 30 minutes the bacteria split into two bacteria, when they do this they create the enzyme. Enzymes break organic waste down into small enough particles for the bacteria to eat and digest,

The bacteria then turn the food into water and carbon dioxide. This is a natural process, which is NATURE'S WAY.

Many RVers are using dangerous chemicals in their holding tanks which can kill bacteria and may damage the environment. Chemicals do not grow, they are limited to the amount you use.  When you dump your holding tanks, the chemicals are also dumped.

When you use bacteria, some bacteria clings to the walls of the tank and continue to grow.

If you own an R.V. or rent one, you need to take responsibility for the environment you will be impacting.  RV Digest-It helps maintain clean holding tanks and makes your life easier when dumping.

The ingredients in our bacterial digestants do not cause disease in humans or animals. Our digestants also do not produce any odors or noxious gases.

Unique RV Digest-It Concentrate is an all natural product that contains no chemicals or Formaldehyde and is safe for you and the environment.

Other RV Digest-It Customer Benefits


Eliminates Odors immediately from drains, toilets, grey and black water tanks.

Easier Dumps

It is much Easier at dump stations when the sewage is in liquid form instead of slow-moving solids. Liquefies household toilet tissue.  No special tissue needed.

Fast Acting

Starts working in minutes. Two ounces of our product can multiply into 8 gallons of bacteria in 3 hours if waste (food) and water are added.

Lowest Cost

Lowest cost of Competing Products. One quart will do 16 forty-gallon-tanks at a cost of about 65 cents per tank. (The formaldehyde products cost about $1.50 per tank.) You only need 2-ounces to treat a 40-gallon tank.  (Most competitors require 4-ounces.) You also save money by not needing to purchase special RV Holding Tank tissue. 

No special tissue required when you use RV Digest-It.

Environmentally Correct

It is natures way to turn holding tank wastes into water and carbon dioxide.  Contains no chemicals, fragrances or Formaldehyde.  (The formaldehyde products preserve your waste.)

Keeps Sensors Clean

Gives more accurate holding tank readings by keeping sensors clean.

Cold Weather Use

Will not freeze to 30-degrees below zero.

More Tank Capacity

Up to 25% More Holding Tank Storage capacity is another RV Digest-It Customer Benefit. Bacterial and enzyme action reduces solids to carbon dioxide and water which take up less volume in your holding tank.

Unclogs overnight

One quart of RV Digest-It will unclog a holding tank overnight.  Each 32 ounce bottle contains approximately 65-billion hungry bacteria waiting to devour holding tank wastes.

Sinks-Grey Water

Cleans drain system and grey water holding tank of grease, fats and other odor-causing material.  Adding a few ounces each time you dump guarantees a clean, odor-free system.

Higher Bacteria Count

Higher bacteria count saves you money. The bacteria count in RV DIGEST-IT is approximately 65 billion per quart. This is up to 100-times more than other popular brands. Our digestants provide more power per application, allowing you to use less.

Longer Shelf Life

RV Digest-It bacterial digestants are packaged in freeze-dried spore-form, as opposed to the vegetative adult form. The advantages to the spore-form of bacteria are a Longer Shelf Life and Greater Stability.

Because the spore form is in a suspended state rather than a vegetative state, our digestant is not active and wasted in a bottle. Safe To Use

Non-Pathogenic Formula. Will not harm humans, animals or plant life.  Contains no harsh chemicals.  It is all natural, biodegradable, non-acidic, non-caustic, and non-toxic.

Directions For Using RV Digest-It


For First Time Use

If you are using Formaldehyde or some other chemical product, dump your holding tank and put one 1 gallon of fresh water into the tank.  Add 4 Oz of UNIQUE RV DIGEST IT CONCENTRATE to 40 gallon tank. If you are using a bacteria enzyme product, just add 2 oz.

For Normal Use

Add 2 oz of Unique Rv Digest-It Concentrate to toilet 40 gallon tank.  If you are using a bacteria or enzyme product, just add 2 0z.


After 2 to 3 normal uses, the bacteria will eat all the grease and debris off the sensors and they will work correctly.

Holding Tanks

Unclogs holding tanks overnight.  Pour 1 quart UNIQUE RV DIGEST - IT CONCENTRATE  into your tank and fill the tank with warm water. Leave tank closed for 24 hours. Open petcock and drain tank.


This article was published on Sunday 04 January, 2009.
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