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Unique Carpet Shampoo by Unique Arizona

Are your carpets beginning to look more dingy with each cleaning? Do you have lingering odors and stains? Unique Carpet Shampoo solves the problems.

With All Natural Unique Carpet Shampoo your carpet will not only look cleaner than it has in a long time, but it will actually BE CLEANER. The odors, urine and stains will be gone.

Unique Carpet All Natural Shampoo is All Natural and contains no soaps. However, it removes old soap residue (alkaline buildup) which attracts dirt and makes carpets look dirty faster. Safe for you and the environment and all types of carpet cleaning machines.

It eliminates the odors and stains while you clean. Dirt is removed with the shampoo machine while the odors and stains are removed through the bacteria/enzyme action.

Bacteria eat the odors and stains turning them into water and carbon dioxide.  When urine is involved the by products turn into water and ammonia.  This product is truly a Green Product.  It is safe for you and the environment.  It improves the environment in which we live by devouring and digesting organic wastes that pollute our living areas.  The waste that is digested by the bacteria becomes water and carbon dioxide.  This is Natures way of eliminating waste.


Safe to use on wool, nylon, and stain resistant carpet and can be used on most oriental carpets. It is recommended that you do a small "test section" before using to be sure the colors will not run.

How It Works

UNIQUE Manufacturing and Marketing has been formulating and marketing All Natural Bacteria Products for over 20 years.  Their products are manufactured in Arvada, Colorado and shipped to distributors throughout the country.

UNIQUE'S products are manufactured by using only non pathogenic bacteria (not harmful to man or animal.)  Essential nutrients are added to jump start the bacteria.  This causes the bacteria to work in hours and days, not months and years. The waste that is digested by the bacteria become water and carbon dioxide.

Each UNIQUE product contains approximately 65-billion bacteria per quart.  This is up to 100 times more bacteria than most popular brands.

Directions For Use


For General and Regular Shampooing

Before using, test on a small hidden section of the carpet to ensure color fastness.

Vacuum carpet thoroughly to remove loose dirt. Mix 4 ounces of shampoo with each gallon of warm water (90 to 100 degrees). Let shampoo stand in water 5 to 10 minutes (this lets the bacteria create enzymes) to make the shampoo work to its maximum. Clean carpet and upholstery following machine users guide. Allow carpet to dry thoroughly.

For Large or Problem Areas

Mix 1 part UNIQUE Carpet Shampoo with up to 10 parts warm water. Pour or spray over entire area soaking the carpet and padding well. Cover with white warm-damp towels. Keep the area damp until odor and stain are gone.

If you are cleaning a very large area try using a garden sprayer with 32 Oz of UNIQUE CARPET SHAMPOO along with 2 gallons of warm water. Shake, spray, and keep moist with warm-wet towels.

Carpet Shampooer

Fill the shampooer with just hot water, nothing else. Shampoo the carpet with the hot water. Retract as much liquid from the carpet as possible. Next, refill the shampooer with warm water and mix 2-4 ounces UNIQUE Carpet Shampoo for each gallon of water. Let this mixture sit in the shampooer for 10 minutes in order to give the bacteria a chance to start working its magic.  Shampoo the carpet with this mixture and leave most of the water in the carpet. Keep moist until odors and stains are gone.

This article was published on Saturday 18 April, 2009.
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