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UNIQUE MARINE DIGEST-IT CASE (12 - 1 Quart Concentrate)


  • Eliminates odors.
  • Liquifies solids in holding tanks.
  • Unclogs holding tanks overnight.
  • Keeps sensors clean in holding tanks.
  • Eats bilge oil and cleans bilge.
  • Eats fish oil and blood.
  • Environmentally correct.
  • Works in salt water.
  • Will unstop drains and toilets.


  • Starts working in minutes instead of days.
  • Has the highest bacteria count in the industry.
  • Has the lowest cost per application.
  • Is non-caustic and non-acidic.
  • Contains bacteria, enzymes, and essential nutrients


  • Bilge Remover: 1 Part MARINE DIGEST - IT with 5 parts water.
  • Fish Oil and Blood: 1 part MARINE DIGEST - IT with 5 parts water.
  • Holding Tanks: 1 ounce MARINE DIGEST- IT per 20 gallon tank.

Ask our competition what their bacteria count is per quart!

What makes our bacterial digestants superior to our competition's bacterial products?

The bacteria in our bacterial digestants are packaged in freeze-dried spore form, as opposed to the vegetative adult form. The advantages to the spore form of bacteria include:

  • Longer Shelf Life and Greater Stability. Because the spore form is in a suspended state rather than a vegetative state, our digestant is not active and wasted in a bottle.
  • Higher Bacteria Count. The bacteria count in Unique MARINE DIGEST- IT is approximately 65 billion per quart. Our digestants provide more power per application, allowing you to use less.
  • Non-Pathogenic Formula. The ingredients in our bacterial digestants do not cause disease in humans or animals. Our digestants also do not produce any odors or noxious gases.

MARINE DIGEST- IT is a natural product, designed to eat and digest the organic solids in your holding tank. The bacteria in Unique MARINE DIGEST- IT has multiple enzymes to jump start the bacterial action. The bacteria start growing when they are exposed to food and water. About every 30 minutes the bacteria split into two bacteria, when they do this they create the enzyme. The enzyme break the food down small enough for the bacteria to eat and digest, the bacteria turn the food into water and carbon dioxide. This is a natural process, NATURE'S WAY.

I Promise That You Will Be 100% Satisfied With "Marine Digest-It" Or Your Money Back. I Stake My Reputation On It! -- Cathy Johnson


12 - 1 Quart (32 fl oz) CONCENTRATE CASE (12 Bottles) 

UNIQUE MARINE DIGEST-IT CASE (12 - 1 Quart Concentrate) UNIQUE MARINE DIGEST-IT CASE (12 - 1 Quart Concentrate) UNIQUE MARINE DIGEST-IT CASE (12 - 1 Quart Concentrate)
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