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Unique SKUNK Odor Eliminator

$165.95 for 12- 32 oz each Case

Use this green, natural, product to safely and effectively remove skunk odors.

Naturally and Safely Eliminates and cleans Skunk Odors on people, pets, furniture and under your home!

Skunk Odor Eliminator is a completely safe and effective deodorizer and cleaner that can be sprayed directly on your pets, furniture, house and even your family members to completely eliminate skunk odors without fear of harm. If you live in rural areas you know what a problem this can be! Finally there is a guaranteed solution that is completely safe.


Example: Premix 1 cup SKUNK ODOR ELIMINATOR with 3 cups warm water.  This is a concentrated product, which means you can mix it 3 to 1. For best results, mix with warm water (plus, who wants a cold bath!). For this product to work properly it must be mixed with water.
For Pets
Sponge on animal. Keep on pet for 15 to 20 minutes or until odor is gone. For best results, do your best to keep your pet damp for that 15 to 20 minutes. When odor is gone, rinse your pet or let air dry. If odor is present on collars or leashes, let soak in solution for 15 to 20 minutes then let air dry. Let air dry.
For Odors Under or Around Your House
Premix and spray affected area liberally with pump-up garden sprayer.
Premix 1 cup SKUNK ODOR ELIMINATOR with 3 cups very warm water. Apply enough to soak into the material as far down as the odor has soaked. Cover with damp, white cotton cloth. Leave overnight then remove and let dry naturally. Repeat if necessary.

Is This Product Safe To Put On My Pet?

Absolutely.  This product won't hurt your pet at all.  We do however, recommend not putting it into your pet's mouth or eyes.  When using Skunk Odor Eliminator to remove odors apply it directly to your pet.  Your friends and pet will appreciate it!

Can I Use Skunk Odor Eliminator to Remove Odors That Aren't On My Pet?

Yes!  The key is that you have to soak down any areas that the skunk may have sprayed.  The bacteria in Skunk Odor Eliminator has to be applied to every area the skunk sprayed, in order to remove the odors.  As a result we recommend a 1 gallon garden pump sprayer to apply the product so that you can apply to wide areas.

It Didn't Work The First Time, Any Suggestions?

Make sure that you also soak your pet's collar in the Skunk Odor solution for an hour or two, and then allow to air dry.

It is also common for your pet to be sprayed in the mouth, but we do not recommend that you apply Skunk Odor Eliminator into your pet's mouth. 

If your pet shakes off the solution continue applying the product liberally to your pet with a sponge.  You need your pet to stay wet for at least 20 minutes.  Once your pet dries the bacteria stop working. 


The best way to eliminate urine and other odors and stains is the natural way. Using bacteria to remove odors and stains may take a little longer, but the odors and stains are completely eliminated. Bacteria actually grow and produce more enzymes (similar to the enzymes in our stomachs). They break the urine or stain down small enough for the bacteria to eat and digest, then turn the food into water and carbon dioxide.

Eliminates skunk odors. You can apply directly on your pet.

  • Has a higher bacteria count than industry standards. Approximately 65 billion per quart.
  • Has a longer shelf life. Our bacteria are in spore form rather than an active state like most competitors' brands.
  • Environmentally safe with no harsh chemicals.
  • All natural and biodegradable.
  • It will not harm humans, animals or plants.Is non-
  • Use this product on any surface that water won't damage.
  • I Promise That You Will Be 100% Satisfied With "Skunk Odor Eliminator" Or Your Money Back. I Stake My Reputation On It! -- Cathy Johnson

      UNIQUE SKUNK ODOR ELIMINATOR 12-1 Qt (32 fl oz each) CASE UNIQUE SKUNK ODOR ELIMINATOR 12-1 Qt (32 fl oz each) CASE
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