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Unique Pet Odor Stain Eliminator & UV 6" Blacklight $16.99


1 (24 fl oz) Ready To Use- and 6" Blacklightboth for only $16.99

Our bacterial and enzyme concentrated Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator will remove odors and stains without scrubbing including:

Urine, Vomit, Blood, Cat Spray, Litter Box, Feces, Skunk, Grass, Food, Red Wine, Juice, Mustard, Coffee, Fruit, Grease, Mold, Mildew, Laundry, Carpet, Diaper, and Any Other Organic Stain or Odor.

Removes urine and other stains and odors from carpets and other hard surface areas. Can be used safely on cement, tile, upholstery, clothes, carpets, mattresses, bedding, linoleum and any other surface not harmed by water.

  • Works in carpet shampooers.
  • Deodorizes kennels, horse trailers, barns, and other animal cages and enclosures.
  • Eliminates skunk odors. You can apply directly on your pet.
  • Has a higher bacteria count than industry standards. Approximately 65 billion per quart.
  • Has a longer shelf life. Our bacteria are in spore form rather than an active state like most competitors' brands.
  • Environmentally safe with no harsh chemicals.
  • All natural and biodegradable. Is non-acidic, non-caustic and non-toxic.
  • Is non-pathogenic. It will not harm humans, animals or plants.

This is a Ready to Use product. You pour or spray it on, cover it with a towel and hours later the stain and odor is gone. It's that simple. It has no fillers like other products.

You will just love this stuff! If you have tried the competitors' products you already know they only work marginally. The stains and odors eventually come right back. Those products mostly contain only enzymes which won't completely consume urine. Unique Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator contains bacteria which produce enzymes, making it much more effective than the competition's product! This product is not a cover up, but will permanently remove those urine odors and stains.

I Promise That You Will Be 100% Satisfied With "UNIQUE'S Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator" Or Your Money Back. I Stake My Reputation On It! -- Cathy Johnson

GREAT portable light to help locate hidden urine stains. Seek and Destroy those hidden odors with this handy black light. You'll wonder how you ever lived with out it.

  • Compact, light weight and easy to use.
  • 6" with clear plastic covering over light.
  • Correct nanometer for optimum illumination.
  • Includes handy nylon carrying cord.
  • New in Box.
  • 4 watts.
  • Battery operated.  Uses 4 AA batteries. (Not Included)

This handy Black Light helps you find those "invisible" sources of odor WITHOUT sniffing your carpet!

Under the purple glow of a Black Light in a darkened room, organic stains such as pet urine, vomit and feces will light up fluorescent yellow, making them easy to find and treat.

Please note that once treated with a bacteria/enzyme product the treated area will be a dull yellow, green or bluish color under the black light. Even though the stain and odor are gone, urine tends to cause a permanent chemical reaction to carpet fibers. This is normal and is not an indication that the product did not work.

You can also use this black light to detect:

  • Soiled areas in hotel rooms.
  • Counterfeit money and documents.
  • Invisible ink.
  • Scorpions and other insects.
  • Certain antique glass.
  • Certain rocks and minerals.
  • Glow-in-the-dark-paint.
  • Cool, funky posters from the 70's!


The best way to eliminate urine and other odors and stains is the natural way. Using bacteria to remove odors and stains may take a little longer, but the odors and stains are completely eliminated. Bacteria actually grow and produce more enzymes (similar to the enzymes in our stomachs). They break the urine or stain down small enough for the bacteria to eat and digest, then turn the food into water and carbon dioxide. UNIQUE PET ODOR & STAIN ELIMINATOR enhances this natural process hundreds of times, so the odor and stains are gone in hours.

Unique Pet Odor Stain Eliminator & UV 6" Blacklight   Unique Pet Odor Stain Eliminator & UV 6" Blacklight
Unique Pet Odor Stain Eliminator & UV 6" Blacklight    
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